1. It’s Batman’s big day and he’s celebrating by surprising his friends with severe trauma-based brain damage. SKIDDAMAROOOOOO!!!

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  2. Each of Batman’s balls is lovingly rendered in Batman: Arkham City.


  3. FWIW: November 14, 2012

    Eric: Just read Mary Worth. JIM’S FACE
    Eric: Is he going to bite Dawn?
    Sam: More than likely.
    Eric: LOOK OUT
    Sam: Maybe Jim didn’t want to DATE his dead sister… he wanted… to eat her.
    Sam: BUM BUM BUM
    Eric: D:
    Eric: Oh nooooo
    Eric: All but her left arm
    Sam: Isn’t there some fucked-up anime where this guy eats stuff and then his arms turn into guns or something?
    Sam: Maybe that’s what Jim’s going for.
    Eric: Haha
    Sam: If I’m imagining this anime, I will be the one to make it.
    Sam: It was my idea. Samuel K 2012 Original Character Do Not Steal
    Eric: Doesn’t sound familiar. But I’d watch it
    Sam: You could get in on the ground floor right now, Eric.
    Sam: I’ll be the next big name in anime.
    Sam: Step aside, Studio Ghibli.
    Sam: There’s a new Sheriff in town.
    Sam: I just need some startup money, Rick.
    Eric: How To Draw Guys That Eat Things and Grow Gun Arms
    Sam: Oh shit, I can just dispense with the plot and just do Katy Coope style instruction books.
    Eric: Yes!
    Eric: How To Draw Sonic As A Human
    Sam: Eric, we’re going to make a million dollars with this.


  4. FWIW: November 5-6th, 2012

    Wilbur, you fat slob.

    Wilbino: Nosy Dad

    The new FWIW format has its advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, we stopped the podcast just as fat ol’ Wilbino re-entered the picture. On the plus side, now at least now you don’t have to listen to my anguished sobs as this story arc continues to grind along at its glacial pace. 

    There are 175 days between May 15th (when this all started) and today. That’s nearly half a year.  

    I at least have not plumbed the depths of despair as thoroughly as Wilbur, who appears to have given up on life so completely as to forego his table manners and is now eating directly out of the casserole dish in Panel 1 of today’s strip.

    - Sam


  5. fwiwcast:


    I do this podcast about Mary Worth with Eric every week and here’s a new episode. We’ve been doing this podcast for 26 weeks. 18 of those weeks have been spent on a single story line that just won’t fucking die. 

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    Hey dumb-dumbs, it’s a brand new, SPOOKY episode of For What It’s Worth! This week: Dead teenagers, father-daughter comedy routines, the word “brackish” and we do a new bit at the end of the show where we PERSONALLY THANK YOU IDIOTS FOR LISTENING!!!! LINK LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!

    Everybody listen to my podcast and if you like it reblog it please and Eric and I will kiss you.

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  8. I did another drawing of The Punisher and I love him.

  9. Hi I love the Punisher and you should read his books. (Taken with Instagram)

  10. forwhatitsworthpodcast:

    Avast me hearties! It’s For What It’s Worth Episode 20! This week: The shocking conclusion (?) to Dawn and Wilbur’s tale of survival. Other talking points include Guy Fieri, blood and gore, giants, underwear, and KISSING. LINK LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE AND KISS US WE LOVE YOU THANKS FOR LISTENING

    We made 20 episodes of this god damned show and you people need to listen to it. It’s me and my friend Eric talking about Mary Worth.

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